COVID-19 Fund Grant Info



A single application 
A single application will be reviewed by a team from both organizations and you’ll get a single, direct response after review. During Phase One, priority will be given to community-based organizations providing basic needs services to people who are immediately and disproportionately suffering from this crisis. As the situation evolves, so will the grantmaking so that the fund remains flexible and responsive.

Focus areas include: 
Childcare for healthcare workers and first responders (Child care programs are encouraged to apply for FSSA grants to cover lost income.  More info and FSSA grant application here. Programs serving children of essential workers are encouraged to apply for funding below.)
Food security
Support for those most at-risk, including children birth to age 8 and the elderly
Community advocacy

Grant Eligibility
Based upon the charitable structure of the COVID-19 Community Response Fund, grants are limited to 501c3 nonprofit organizations, groups fiscally sponsored by a 501c3 nonprofit organization, or other charitable organizations able to receive a tax-deductible contribution, such as schools and other public entities. We are not able to fund individuals or businesses directly, labor unions, or other 501c4, 501c5, and 501c6 organizations. Aid to individuals will be handled through nonprofit organizations in our region with established processes for determining need.

Granting Approach
The Community Foundation and United Way, in consultation and partnership with other community entities, will administer grants from the fund in phases to help address immediate needs and short-term and longer-term impacts of the outbreak and recovery.

How grants will be awarded
Grants will be released on a rolling basis as fundraising continues throughout the outbreak and recovery phases of the crisis, making it possible to move resources quickly and adapt to evolving needs in subsequent granting phases. Grants from the fund will be recommended by an advisory committee, consisting of representatives from the Community Foundation and United Way, and approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Recipients of grants will be asked to submit a brief summary of how the grant dollars were used related to the crisis relief, response or recovery efforts.


Please click here to access the grant application