Joining Hands


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Expanding Impact

United Way of Elkhart & LaGrange Counties and United Way of Noble County have joined hands to form Crossroads United Way, serving Elkhart, LaGrange & Noble Counties


Why join hands, why merge?

  • Our goal is to better mobilize human and financial resources; to create lasting, measurable change that improves people’s lives in Elkhart, LaGrange & Noble Counties.


What are the benefits of merging?

  • Greater Impact – More Lives Changed

A regional United Way will engage more volunteers and allow greater financial investment in all three counties in our focus areas of Education, Health and Financial Stability.


  • Greater Efficiency

To accomplish our goals of improving lives, we will combine administrative functions to create cost savings and increased organizational performance.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where will my donation go? 

Funds raised in each county will support programs in the county in which they are raised, unless a donor designates otherwise.


  • How will donations be allocated?  

Each county will have volunteer panels composed of local citizens who will determine the best programs to invest in.


  • Who will lead the merged organization?

A Board consisting of volunteer leaders representing Elkhart, LaGrange and Noble Counties will govern the organization.


  • Will there be staff changes?

No staff changes are currently planned.


We're excited about moving forward together

  • Over the past year, United Way of Elkhart & LaGrange Counties and United Way of Noble County have partnered together on several projects that have increased each organization's impact.

  • Crossroads United Way will continue to champion the unique identities of the communities it serves.

  • An expanded United Way will have greater ability to address community needs that are regional in scope.


We remain committed to our core principles

  • The merger will enhance our ability to effectively accomplish our shared mission and serve our communities.

  • We will respect and honor the intentions of our donors.  Money raised in each county will stay in each county, unless a donor designates otherwise.

  • We will maintain and coordinate individual community identities as we create a unified organization.

  • We will remain aware of and responsive to differences across our diverse communities.


We expect little short-term change

  • Donors and stakeholders will see little change in the short term.  Full transition and integration could take a year or more.

  • We will continue to work together with local organizations and programs as integral partners.

  • Offices will remain in place.  Staff will continue to provide quality services.

  • Crossroads United Way will continue to coordinate with volunteers and community leaders to help guide local strategies, programs, relationship building, and fundraising.


For more info, please contact:

  • Bill Rieth, President/CEO of Crossroads United Way
  • Debi Pfaffenberger, Noble County Coordinator
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