Esra’s 2nd grade student reading buddy bolts down the hallway as soon as he sees him. “Suddenly the worries and stresses in my life go out the window,” says Esra. “Volunteering and seeing the work that United Way is doing from the inside has been remarkable and I am honored to be able to add to the work that is happening in our community.”

Esra is a returning volunteer reader for the United Way’s READ UNITED program, which helps lift struggling young readers up to grade level.

“When I sit back and think about how many other volunteers are doing the same work alongside me, the impact is immeasurable. Our students aren’t just becoming better readers, they are learning confidence, critical thinking, problem solving, and the list goes on and on.”

“My husband and I LOVE being plugged into all of the wonderful, positive things happening and are looking forward to starting a family someday soon. I am so thankful to know that someday my children and all of their peers will have access to the programs that United Way is establishing.”

READ UNITED is possible only through the support of United Way’s generous donors and volunteers.

Click here to learn more about United Way of Elkhart & LaGrange Counties' READ UNITED Programs.