United Way of Elkhart County commits more than $250,000 to flood victims

The United Way of Elkhart County committed an additional $100,000 to assist flooding victims in Elkhart County.

The nonprofit organization fights for health, education, and financial stability in the community of Elkhart and has already donated over $150,000 for 2018 emergency services, bringing the total to over $250,000.

“Since 1992, United Way of Elkhart County has been advancing the common good and helping people in times of need. With over 1,100 households impacted in our community, United Way knows that the need is great. In light of the recent flooding, we have increased our commitment by $100,000 to help families in this flood emergency.” said Bill Rieth, President of United Way of Elkhart County.

United Way stays works with partners throughout the Elkhart community in order to determine the best use of resources to benefit those most affected by the flooding.

“United Way is passionate about helping families get back on their feet”, said Keith Sarber, VP of Community Impact. “Over the next several weeks we will have a better handle on the variety of needs. As the assessments become available we will work with social service agencies and municipalities to establish the most impactful use of the additional funds”, said Sarber.

Elkhart County United Way commits more than $250,000 to flood victims
By: Greg Reed